As reported by the Public Works, there are over 400 Stable Consortia, working evenly divided over the entire national territory, and this number is expected to grow naturally, motivated by the benefits that the individual operating companies earn in associating, in organizational and managerial skills that express these associations, compared with a substantial increase in the bureaucratic procedures for participation and the flux of "rules of the game."

Promote, as well as growing new networks of relationships are the current strategies for doing business successfully. Over the contexts in which it operates are subject to change and amplification of the complexity, the more it becomes necessary to widen the network, creating "super-working networks" capable nurture creativity and help to maintain active the individual clusters.

The competition calls for the contract, however, is not the only task where the aim Consortia, as more and more they are a reference point and a chance to work through multi-level synergies, their organizations and organized reticular complex: the consortia associated companies operating in network, correlate and enhance the operational capabilities with the expressed goal to compete in tenders, and on par with major national and foreign business groups, in addition the specific weight, that individual firms are able to deliver against local and central government, is often determined by patronage ties linking the corridors of power and to employers: increasingly the voice that you tend to listen to is linked not to the real operational and administrative needs, but power, strength and influence that voice expresses.

Consequently, there is the need to create a strong and wide, collecting under him, and listen to representatives of the Italian Associations in the face of central and local authorities, which is able to express needs and demands of the entire entrepreneurial class, and define in a clear and evident, the problems related to the activity Consortium.

UCSI, Stable Consortia Union Italian, born on the sensitivity and foresight of a group of entrepreneurs, who took a question of representation latent and as yet not revealed, but safe and clear need, which is able to group and represent instances of Italian Stable consortia creating opportunities for exchange, dialogue and collaboration, designed to promote trade and against those of its Associations. In order to address shared challenges and problems, UCSI is aimed at the promotion, enhancement, representation and protection of the interests of stable consortia. A horizontal network that includes plenty of goals in themselves more or less large, according to the size of each consortium, which operate with greater democracy and fairness has adopted a code of ethics which are expressed in values ​​that are the foundation of his action : fairness, integrity, confidentiality, fairness, equality, honesty, diligence and transparency. 

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