There are several objectives that embrace aspects of the business consortium, as the desire to represent the Italian Stable Consortia, the aim is to sensitize institutions, local and national, with respect to issues / operations that are needed in the management consortium and participating in tenders. That will be achieved through the provision of specific services and internal support, in order to obtain and develop economies of scale, arising from the experience:

  • dissemination of knowledge on key market trends and technologies
  • training initiatives for management support of international development
  • support access to finance research and development activities and access to risk capital
  • support for partnership initiatives (commercial and / or strategic)
  • liaison with users
  • active and passive forms of influence in respect to public institutions

UCSI was created by a board of over 30 National Associations throughout to emerge and consolidate existing networks, and brings with it the desire to expand this representation to a growing number of consortia, with which to interact and work in a relationship synergies and reciprocity that can cause not only immediate benefits resulting from the direct comparison of the experiences gained over the years and the competition in tenders, but also bring in front of the tables making a strong and unique voice can be heard and held due consideration when drafting the regulations.

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