Merloni-ter gave the world a new form of the building. Among the many new features, the law and its rules encourage companies operating in the field of public works and want to join in the growing competitive and highly organized structures, then to choose the way of the consortia. One innovation which introduces the law, is that for the first meeting between the companies is no longer conceived exclusively in terms of participation in the single race, but it becomes stable and defines a common business structure. In this sense, a synergistic collaboration with entrepreneurship, capable, ready and willing to change to fit in, can only be beneficial for all. Some entrepreneurs are sensitive to changes, have seized the opportunity with enthusiasm forming, also troubled by several aspects contrasting associations with the characteristics of acquisition of public contracts throughout the country.

The purposes that UCSI proposes to realize are:

"Promotion, promotion, representation and protection of the interests of CONSORTIA and NOT STABLE and all companies involved in consortiums, in accordance with the specific individual, organizational characteristics and management criteria of each."

UCSI has over the years has initiated dialogue with the authorities the most important representative of the country (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of the Interior, AVCP, DDA, DIA, the Defense Ministry) in order to address practical issues for the protection of interests of the consortium and the institute itself and stable companies.

Among the main we include:

  • reducing the cost of upgrading SOA certificate for stable consortia of 50% or the revision of the tariff system for SOA Consortium stable;
  • the protection of the validity of the SOA in cases of intermediate maturity and renewal of certificates;
  • within the company of the consortium members of a consortium building, you can also enter engineering companies and financial institutions / banks.

The association is also UCSI offers total available to those in stable consortia / companies do it by offering his expertise and professionalism. 

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